That girl’s eyes will burn you up in hell forever. I’m telling you the certainty

The Armenian writer, living in Lebanon, journalist David Xerdiyan, commemorates the tragedy of the Armenian Turks in the Khojaly tragedy in the book The Cross for the Cross.In 19-76 pages of the book For The Cross, the author writes: “In the cold of the morning, we had to make a bridge from the dead to pass through the dump near Dashbulag I did not want to go to the dead. Colonel – Lieutenant Ohanyan pointed to me, do not be afraid. I stepped on my toes in the 9-11 – year – old girl ‘s chest. My legs and trousers were in my blood. And I passed through 1200. ” the Armenian “Qaflan” group was engaged in burning incense.2000 collecting corpses of nearly two thousand Turks and burning them separately in 1 kilometer of Khojaly. In the third truck, I was injured in the head and arms I saw a 10 year old girl, about a hundred years old. When I looked in, I saw that she was breathing slowly. She was still alive despite the cold, starvation and death. I will never forget the eyes of this child who is fighting with death.Then a Trigranian soldier grabbed his ears and threw them into the dumped carcasses. Then they burned them. Weeping and crying were coming


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