Salad recipes


1;Caesar salad


;Ingredients;300 grams chicken fillet,200 grams parmesan cheese,200 qrams cherry tomato,200 grams mayonnaise,200 grams suck, 1 lemon juice,1 lettuce,garlic, a tablespoon vinegar,salt to taste,pepper Preparation;Add chopped chicken fillets in a finger length, add salt to pepper and fry in butter after a little boiling. Note that you can not cook it too much as it is prepared for the salad. Add chicken coated slices to a coarse grater with big chopped lettuce and sugar. Add the salad with lemon juice together with crushed garlic. Finally, squeeze the vinegar on the salad and sprinkle the peppermint into a smaller eye. If you want a soup salad with an Italian tradition, get the sauce from this salad.                

  2;Choban salad;Ingredients

2 piece chicken breast
Half the green onion
Half a group of parsley
Half a duck
2 x / q. mayonnaise
3 x / q.

Cut tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers to the desired size.
Cut the hemp (or garlic) crust and cut into small pieces.
Coriander and dill can be used for small amounts of salad.
The shepherd’s salad is close to the one who serves lemon and salt.
Bon Appetit!

3:Chingiz khan salad:Ingredients;

– 250 g of cooked beets

– 200 g of fried chicken meat

– 70g of solid cheese (Dutch cheese)

– 100 gr of root

– 100 gr black plums

– 100 grams of walnuts

– 2 egg whites

– mayonnaise.


Divide the beet into 2 places and pass through a separate lubricant.
Cut chicken, black pepper and a small bowl.
Sprinkle the roots and egg whites.
Salad lay-lay heap: beet, chicken, walnut, root, cheese, black plum, beet, egg whites. Apply mayonnaise to each loaf.
Store the salad for a few hours in the refrigerator and then put it on the table.
Bon Appetit!