1. Buqlama;Foods; Beef 2 KG,Tomatoes 1,5 KG,Onion 600 Grams,Pepper 110 Grams,Bulgarian Pepper 120 Grams,Alcha 230 Grams,Salt 0,30 Grams .Preparation; Meat is cut into 50 -60 grams of meat for this meal.Washed and dried.Vegetables are washed and cleaned,cut into thin rings.Meat cutlery and vegetables are laid in the bottom of the boiler.Salt shot.After addings 150 gram water,the lid is covered and baked until ready. 




2.Soyutma;Foods;1,5 kg slaughtered sheep,one onion,curcuma one spoon,salt,pepper.Preparation;We put the meat in the pot.When we start to bil water,collect the coffin.Take the meat out of the meat 15 to 20 minutes and collect the meat again.After chopping the peel of the onion and chopping,we cut into small pieces.Sprinkle finely chopped onion and sprinkle with meat.We add salt,pepper and water to the meat.We cook until ready.(Low water should remain).About:Cooking is considered one of the most delicious meals in the easiest way.